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Sun Java Certification SCJP

The contents of this page are intended for SCJP 1.4 exam (310-035). The Sun Certified Java Programmers Exam (SCJP) is the internationally recognized. This site includes java certification mock exams, practice tests, Frequently Asked Questions (faq), scjp2 study material and sample code created by a Sun Certified Java Programmer which makes java certification exam preparation very easy.

Resources for java certification SCJP exam. There are mock exams and other useful java links.

Earning a sun certification provides a clear demonstration of the core java scjp skills. This page is devoted to Java programmer certification, the exam which is commonly known as SCJP. The page contains links to several excellent resources for sun certification java.

For clearing SCJP tests you need to know the basics of core java. There are three variations in SCJP.

CX-310-025 for SCJP 1.2
Exam type - Multiple choice and short answer
Total Questions - 59
Pass score - 51% i.e. 36 of 69 questions must be answered

CX-310-035 for SCJP 1.4
Exam type - Multiple choice and short answer
Total Questions - 61
Pass score - 52% i.e. 32 of 61 questions must be answered

CX-310-055 for SCJP 1.5 / SCJP 5.0
Exam type - Multiple choice and short answer
Total Questions - 72
Pass score - 59% i.e. 43 of 72 questions must be answered

SCJP 5.0 is the latest Entry Level Certification exam provided by SUN Microsystems. SCJP 5.0 is based up on J2SE 5.0. I recommend that u should choose J2SE 1.4 as it has more resources on the web. The fee is around $150. You can buy a Voucher online and take the test at any thompson optometric center (the voucher would be valid for 1 year using which you get 20% discount).

The recommended scjp books that you need to follow are:
1. A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification by Khalid Azim Mughal, Rolf Rasmussen
2. Sun Certified Programmer & Developer for Java 2 Study Guide (Exam 310-035 & 310-027) Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates
Note: Below are some Useful Programming Resources. Please use "Save Link as" for pdf and doc Files.
Java Links
Sun Certification Material (SCJP)

  • A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification - by Khalid Mughal and Rolf Rasmussen - very very good ebook for the exam. This one contains detailed description, and explains IO, Threads, GC etc quite well.
  • This site provides all the information you would need to prepare for Suns Certification exam (SCJP2). It provides study material, sample questions for all the topics covered in the exam, a Certification FAQ, a mock exam, and links to many other related sites.

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